Monday, July 19, 2010

Changing oil

Ok for all of you girls out there who think that A guy has to change your oil or you need to take it somewhere to do it. THINK AGAIN!!! Ypu dont need a guy to do everything for you. Pull up your big girl pantys and give it a try! the worse that can happen is you might have to ask for some help the first time around and thats not a big deal. now I have knon how to change my oil for a long time I just never dared do it by myself so this is the first time changing it by my self:
1st get your car up high enough you can get up under it.

2nd find the plug that holds your oil in.

3rd get out everything you will need. 5 quarts of oil, oil filter, something to unscrew the plug, something to put your oil in (They sell wonderful oil pans at auto part stores like the one shown they are reusable) , A rag or 2 and i would put some lews paper or cardboard or something under where the oil pan is going to go and a funel.

The last time I had my oil changed it was done at walmart and they tightened everything quit a lot so when I went to take the plug out it took a lot of muscel. when I got it loose I moved the oil pan with my elbow on accident and oil went all over the drive way (thats where the newspaper or cadbourd would have come in handy)
Also when the oil first comes out there is a lot of pressur behind it so put the oil pan a little bit back to catch it.

when the oil is all drained it is time to take the oil filter off. (again walmart tightened it a lot) when I went to take the oil filter off it was really to tight for me to unscrew it so my wonderful neighbor came over to take it off for me and even he had trouble getting it loosened. he ended up bringing over a round flat thing that helped him grip it a little better. When the filter is taken off pull the new one out of the box and take a little of the new oil on your finger and whipit along inside the hole where it screws on then stick it up in there and screw the new one in. then screw the plug back in. (dont forget to do that or all your new oil wil go right out the hole).

this is where you need the rags becasue you will have oil all over your hands.

After you make sure the plug is back in staart adding the new oil. Under your hood there will be a cap that has a picture on it for the oil (it is not usually the same hole u check the oil) take the lid off put your funel in and start adding the oil. put in 4 and a half quartsand then put the lid back on. go for a short drive then check your oil again after letting it set. if it still needs oil then add more but most likely you wont need any more.

If oil is spilled put something on it to soak up the oil and you are done.
Walmart cost: around 30$
to do it myself : around $12
time waiting for Walmart to do it: between 1/2 hour-2 hrs depending on how busy they are.
time for me to do it: about an hour and thats with dealing with matthew and all the other little things that poped up. So there you have it. If i can change my oil anyone can! this is dedicated to my dad. I love him and he is always ready to teach me anything!

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