Saturday, May 29, 2010

Burlap EAT frames. SO cute

I went thrifting and found a cute black rod iron pole "THINGY" and "3" black frames each item was one dollar. This entire project cost me $4.00 dollars. I already had the burlap and vinyl at home. Let me take you on a step by step tutorial of my fun hanging sign.
You will need "3" frames mine hold a 4x6 pic. to give you and idea, burlap, vinyl, scissors, sand paper, a rod iron pole such as a curtain pole, and a glue gun.

I pulled out the frame backing and used it as my guide to cut the burlap. Once all three pieces were cut I cleaned my glass front and back and just laid the burlap on top of the backing and closed it up. No gluing needed, unless you want to.

this is them all sanded! there is no real rule to sanding. One piece of sanding paper, and you gently go over all sides, and corners (if you like.)

THEY will look like this when you are done with the burlap, sanding, and vinyl. I used the Lyrical letters cartridge for my cricut, and the vinyl letters did go on top of the glass.

I took my burlap and cut long strips to use on the back of the frames to hang them. I measured out three exact matching pieces.

then you will hot glue the strips of burlap to the back of the frames. I used the end of a paint brush to push the burlap down. NO BURNT FINGERS HERE! ;)

THEN I tied the burlap in a knot around the rod iron pole.

then I HUNG IT UP. PIC. natural LIGHT!

I have not done this yet so pics and instructions are from
She always has cute ideas.

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