Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fancy Nancy!

So i got this idea from seeing a pic of one that someone was wearing in their hair and the cost was like 30.00. I thought hey i could make something like that. I I tried it. This is my first shot at it. Dont laugh. But this is how i made it.

I went to michaels and gathered a bunch of stuff together that looked like it would be fun. hear is the list
1- decos
2- glue gun
3- hair band (bought some at target)
4- clear thread/ needle
5- white felt
6- scissors
7- stick picker

first I used the stitch picher to take the fabric off the head band (I couldn't find any plastic ones the size i wanted)
then i cut the felt to fit over the hb and hot glued it.

To cover up the seam I used a ruff ribbon and glued it over the seam. (yello was the only color i had)

i found this feather thing but wanted it thicker so I cut 1/3 of it off the end and hot glues it to the other stagering it a little so that the all werent one length.

The butterfly I hot glued to the frnt of that and then to reinforce all of it I used clearthread and put some stiches through all of it.

After I found where I wanted the deco at I put a couple of stitches through it hooking it to the HB then put a coulple of dobs of glue under it to hold it in place.

I was to excited to post it so I dint do my hair first before I took the pics so when I get my hair all done and I am wering it i will post a better pic of it.


  1. So what was the total cost of the project?

  2. Shaylee saw this as I was reading it and said, "Mom we need to some of those for school." Great now I have another project. LOL Maybe we should do those when I come up to see you next month.