Wednesday, July 7, 2010

give away!!!!

I want to do a give away. hear is what will be given away:
1 jar of jam (yes just 1) lol
and this fire cracker I made

I will send them to whoever wins. you get an entry for all of the following. the more you do the better chance you get at winning! hear is how to enter:
-leave a comment with your name and email
-become a follower
-refer your friends and have them add your name to the message
(that enters both them and you.)
so there is to for sure entrys for ya and the more friends you refer the more enrys you get!!!
YAH!!! I love drawings. i will end the drawing on sunday july 18th. that gives ya a little over a week so hurry up! I cant wait to see who wins


  1. So my name is Trista you know my info! I am entering and should get the prize for being the first comment! lol lol Pick me pick me pcick me.

  2. I hope I win! My name is Brandi and my e-mail is

  3. I am now a follower so now I should get three votes lets count them down
    1 first to post
    2 now a follower
    3 I am a awesome sister
    4 I am your favorite sister
    5 Russel loves me
    6 Matthew tolerates me!
    7 I have great taste in handbags
    8 I can sing like a song bird! lol
    9 I dont have time to be crafty.
    10 Did I mention how awesome I was!
    So there is 10 wonderful reasons for you. So that equals 10 votes. Now I will split the prize with Brandi she can have the Jam and I will get the craft! ( I can always steal a bottle of jam latter, I know where you live) lol lol lol

  4. Awesome idea Alisha you bring the jam I'll bring the frybread yummy!

  5. CUTE STUFF - especially CUTE boys - they look like their grandma.

    love mom