Sunday, July 11, 2010

notebooks for girls camp

A very good friend of mine was up to visit this weekend and she needed so stuff for girls camp to give to the girls. so was looking at some note books that were covered in a aligator looking cover. they were way more than they were worth. So I talked my friend into a cheeper alternative and she trusted me. haa haa I latter informed her I had no Idea what I was doing but it looked good in my head.... well this is what I came up with. needed:
Modg pog
Note book ( we found some hard covered ones at target for 1$)
Scrap book paper
leather string\
- Cut out the paper to be about an inch wider around the book, modg podg the cover completelyand put the paper of your choice on the front.
When dried cut the corners off and wraop the corners onto the inside of the cover.
on the middle binding part we cut the paper to be even with the top.
-Then cut a paper to cover the inside covers and repeat what u did with the outside cover.

We wanted them to look different so with one of the scraps I wripped it on both sides and modg podg that to the outside and when that was dried covered the outside cover in a layer of modge podge doing one side at a time to keep the paper from getting damaged.

When completly dried we tied the leather string around and tied a bow and that was it. they are fun. i think the girls will enjoy them.

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