Thursday, June 24, 2010

birthday party ideas!

I know a lot of my viewers out there like to plan fun and cute birthday parties for your little ones. on the right hand side of the page is a widget to go to tip junkies where she has tonz of fun ideas for birthday parties. hear are the ones she has listed.

1. Backyardigans Birthday Party
2. Dog Themed Birthday Party
3. Webkinz birthday party
4. Where the Wild Things Are

5. Mickey Mouse Birthday Party
6. Sock Monkey Party Ideas
7. Throwing a Rainforest/Jungle/Diego Party
8. Monkey Themed Party

9. Chinese Themed Party - 18th Birthday
10. Zoo Choo Choo – Birthday Party
11. Silly Socks Pajama Party
12. Craft Geek Birthday Party

13. Sesame Street Birthday Party
14. Chef for a Day Party
15. Adopt a puppy party
16. Fishy Themed Party

17. Spring Things Party
18. Fishy Party
19. Puppet or Muppet Birthday Party
20. Spring Fling Birthday

21. Curious George Birthday Party
22. Sesame Street Birthday Party
23. Ultimate Art Party
24. Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

25. Vintage Toy Birthday Party
26. Movie Star Party
27. Yo Gabba Gabba Party
28. Olympic Themed Birthday Party

29. Gorgeous Bumble Bee Birthday Party
30. Blue and Brown Theme
31. Pink & Yellow Vintage Circus Birthday Party
32. Numbers Birthday Party

I hope this helps everyone else as much as it helped me. Sorry i couldn't figure out how to put the links up or I would have. Also dont forget until tuesday Smiths Grocery will take any manufactuer coupon and round it up to a dollar. even if it is for only 10 cents it will get rounded up to a dollar so everyone pull out your coupons and see what kind of deals you can get. fell free to leave a message to brag about what you got and how much you spent vs. how much you saved. It will be fun.

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