Friday, June 18, 2010

July deco.

So Craft o maniac has done it again. I thought this was so cute i had to share with all of you.
this is a $5.00 dollar frame from Walmart. So are the set of $3.00 dollar bandanna's. I have made alot of cute holiday saying's in these frames... "EGGS" for Easter, "EEK" in a 3 frame holder for Halloween, and "JOY" for Christmas in another 3 frame holder. Its such a fun and pretty inexpensive craft/decor item. You can also paint the frame to any color you like. Lastly I used my cricut and cut out JULY in white vinyl from the Platinum Schoolbook cartridge, I chose the "Tall Ball" font at 3 inches.

cut bandana to fit and iron! it is that easy!! this is so cute and you can do so many things with one frame! less to store if you just swap it out.
Thanks to Craft o Maniac for all your great ideas! if you want to check out her blog go to

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  1. why thank you so so so much! I appreciate the shout out! wink wink double wink. Hope you have a fab. weekend. Jenn