Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yummy Meat Balls!

1 pound sausage (I have tried both maple sausage and reg. both are good)
1 box stove top (value brand works good to)
3/4 C Cranberry Sauce (I use the Jelly)
1 Egg
1 C Water

Cook sausage then add stuffing in (un-cooked) & mix together.
In a bowl mix together the cranberry sauce, egg & water. Wisk together then add sausage mix. Will look a little runny. Spray your cookie sheet then form mix into balls and line the cookie sheet.
then melt 4 tbls of butter and drizel over the top of each bal. (I dont use the butter and it tasts fine also)
cook @ 325 20 min
These are so good. I didn't think they would be with the cranberry sauce but every time I make them they go very quickly and everyone at my husbands work shares the leftovers (if there is any:)
This reciepe was donated by my sister Trista. Go ahead and check out her web site


  1. Hey! I didn't know this was you and I ignored your friend request!!!!! Sorry!!! loving this blog :)

  2. and that was Kendra not golden